San Bernard River
Photos by A. Smith
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Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 1:02 PM
Subject: Latest River Level Observations & Forecast !!! 5/26/15 - 12:30 pm
Brazos River near Rosharon: Flood Stage 43 ft. / Currently 44 ft. – level to move up to 46 ft. at 12:00 am, Thursday the 28th . / Forecast to Crest at 49.8 ft. on Saturday about 2 pm.  6.8 ft. above flood stage…  
San Bernard near Sweeny: Flood Stage 16 ft. / Currently 12.5 ft. – level to move up to 16 ft. at 2:00 pm, Wednesday the 27th. /  Forecast to Crest at 18 ft. on Thursday  about 12 pm. 2 ft. above flood stage…
We are continuing to monitor current  conditions and provide updates as information develops…..
Be Safe
Steve Rosa
Emergency Management Coordinator
Brazoria County Office of Emergency Management
111 East Magnolia Street
Angleton, Texas 77515

San Bernard River Mouth Update 4-29-15
Photos by Bert Smith
Here are a series of aerial pictures taken 4-29-15 from 1,500 feet by Bert Smith.
Photo 1 – The closed mouth of the San Bernard. The debris line slightly left of center may indicate a minor flow to the Gulf during the recent floods. However, the first dune back from the surf line averaged 3.7 feet above sea level last summer, preventing any serious channel to the Gulf from forming.
Photo 2 – The mouth of the Brazos River Diversion Canal with Lost Lake in the left of center foreground and Freeport Harbor in the center. As the old timers used to say, “The Brazos is too thin to plow and too thick to drink.”
Photo 3 - Shows the water color change lines just up-current of the mouth of the Brazos.
Photo 4 – Looking east along the Intracoastal Canal showing the Cedar Lakes to the right of the Canal and Cow Trap Lake to the left. The white line between the Canal and the surf is a sand dune. The parallel beige line looks like the Route of the “old” or abandoned canal running from Matagorda to the Brazos that was built in the early 1800’s to move goods from the western plantations to Port Velasco.
Photo 5 – Looking east left of center is the 4th Cedar Lake. Note the sand mass, left center that was pushed into the lake by Hurricane Ike. Cow Trap Lake is across from the 4th Cedar Lake. At left of center, you can follow Salt and Cedar Bayous through Salt Lake. Also, the man-made white line, bottom center is the “old” Intracoastal and its path through the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd Cedar Lakes.
Photo 6 – Water color change lines ½ Mile offshore.

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This series of pictures of the San Bernard River mouth and surrounding area were taken 3-14-15 by Albert Smith from approximately 5,000 feet. The San Bernard is enlarged by rains the previous week. A couple of things to note are : in the mouth picture, the water turning toward Sargent; in the ICW looking toward Sargent, the number of barges stacked up in the ICW; in the River’s End Community picture, the enlargement of the river (this area is called “the narrows” and is usually the narrowest part of the San Bernard going to the Gulf).

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