San Bernard River
Photos by A. Smith
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Wastewater Discharge Permit (WQ0013796001) - Water Quality Issue
 Eight Mile Park, operating Autumn Summer Wastewater Plant whose effluent flows indirectly into the San Bernard River has submitted an application to the TCEQ to amend its wastewater discharge permit (WQ0013796001). The proposed amendment would reduce the e-coli monitoring at this facility from five/week (260/year) to one/quarter (4/year). (Their discharge enters the San Bernard River near Hanson Park.) It would also reduce the operator license requirement from Operator C to Operator D, requiring the lowest level of training and knowledge. Eight Mile Park LP has a history of multiple violations at this location with TCEQ. The permit request is currently under technical review by TCEQ staff with the potential to undergo changes.
Upon the request by several concerned citizens living on the San Bernard River, State Representative Dennis Bonnen (District 25) has requested a public meeting for citizens to express their concerns and opposition in open forum if the request is deemed technically complete.
When, and if this meeting is scheduled, plan to attend and voice your concerns for your river. In the meantime, you can go to the TCEQ website and monitor the activity.
Here's a couple photos taken yesterday around the SB mouth....and one taken along the beach between Sargent and the SB.

 Also one taken over the Brazos mouth.

The seaweed is still thick and black  along the beaches but looks like fewer seaweed rafts offshore.
Those dark  areas offshore are cloud shadows.
 The green water  looks to be less than  a half mile offshore.

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2-28-2014: The Facts: San Bernard fix in the works

Mike Holmes Texas Hunt Fish  click HERE

To monitor water movement at the Brazos Floodgates, go to: 

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