San Bernard River
Photos by A. Smith
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Jim Blackburn’s Coastal Update 2014
Here is a link (HERE) to Jim Blackburn’s annual year end Coastal Update. Jim Blackburn is a premier environmental/ecological attorney who was fighting for ecology LONG before it was a popular thing to do. The opening of the San Bernard River has been in his report in years past, but alas, it’s not included this year. The document is of note, however, because it gives a pretty comprehensive snapshot of coastal concerns along the entire Texas Coast as he sees them. He talks about his fight for the Whooping Crane, and (this is of special note to us with a closed river mouth) about fresh water inflows.

Monday, December 8, I (Roy Edwards) had a short conversation with Commissioner Dude Payne about the condition of C.R. 310/311 as a result of the heavy equipment using that road to access the Phillips 66  plant where they are drilling into the salt dome to hollow out caverns. The salt caverns will be used to store liquefied propane and butane. The propane and butane are for export. The heavy brine solution retrieved from the caverns will be pumped approximately 6,000 feet underground. Four drilling rigs are currently in operation.
Tuesday, December 9, I received the below e-mail from Commissioner Payne.
Wednesday, December 10, on our way to Brazoria, the Brazoria Co. Road and Bridge crew  were hard at work repairing damaged sections of C.R. 310/311.
Quote Dude Payne, “ Thank you for alerting me to the situation because the four Commissioners cannot be everywhere, every day in their districts. We rely on citizen input to bring situations such as this to our attention.”
This quick response is greatly appreciated. The next time you see Commissioner Payne, or any of his crew, please tell them, Thank You!
Roy Edwards
Roy, Thank You for telling me about CR-311. Kenny Hill my Superintendent and Tina with the County Engineer’s Office both went to CR-311 this morning. They called Deputy Pyka who issued 6 citations and 12 warning before noon today. Most of the trucks on CR-311 were contractors who did Not have a permit to drive on CR-311 and they didn’t have a State permit either. The County will be going after these contractors to replace CR-311 & 310. Kenny’s crew will do some patching over the next few weeks on both roads since they are in bad shape, Thanks again, Dude
Commissioner Dude Payne

San Bernard River Re-Opening update.
The below information just in from Dannenbaum Engineering.

Here's a couple photos taken yesterday around the SB mouth....and one taken along the beach between Sargent and the SB.

 Also one taken over the Brazos mouth.

The seaweed is still thick and black  along the beaches but looks like fewer seaweed rafts offshore.
Those dark  areas offshore are cloud shadows.
 The green water  looks to be less than  a half mile offshore.

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2-28-2014: The Facts: San Bernard fix in the works

Mike Holmes Texas Hunt Fish  click HERE

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