San Bernard River
Photos by A. Smith
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A Step Closer to Work on the San Bernard River Mouth
Before RESTORE Act funds could be distributed to the states (and those funds could be applied for to open the mouth of the San Bernard, BP Exploration and Production Inc. had to come to a settlement with the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and the U.S. federal government. And on July 2, 2015, the state of Texas announced they had reached an agreement in principle. Before we see work on the San Bernard River mouth, it will be another couple of years. The wheels turn slow – but they are turning.
Texas Reaches Agreement On Deep Water Horizon Case 
AUSTIN – Texas today announced an agreement in principle between BP Exploration and Production Inc. and the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and the U.S. federal government. As part of the agreement, BP will pay $20.2 billion in damages and penalties, with Texas receiving more than $750 million. Upon agreeing to the terms, Governor Abbott issued the following statement:
“After five years, I’m proud to announce that Texas, along with the other Gulf States, has reached an agreement in principle with BP to resolve all the states’ claims. This settlement will allow Texas to reinvest in the Gulf community and reinvigorate the economic and environmental health of the region.”
Details Of The Settlement:
  • BP will pay a total of $20.2 billion in damages and penalties:
    • $5.5 billion in Clean Water Act penalties. 
      • This amount will fund projects in the Gulf-Wide RESTORE Act plan.
    • $8.8 billion in Natural Resource Damages. 
      • This is under the federal Oil Pollution Act.
    • $4.9 billion in Economic Damages to the Gulf States.
  • Texas will see a large amount of money that will be part of Texas’ Gulf Restoration plan.
  • The Clean Water Act penalties and the Natural Resource Damages penalties will be a 15 year payout plan starting in 2017.

The Intersection of the San Bernard River and the ICW on June 6, 2015
By Roy Edwards
Here are the latest photos taken by Bert Smith Saturday, June 6, 2015 at the intersection of the San Bernard River and the Intracoastal Canal.
Photo 1 – This photo was taken from above the intersection of the Intracoastal Canal (ICW) and the San Bernard River - looking to the Northwest. The ICW runs from the lower right to the upper left. The loaded barge right of center is approaching River’s End, headed to Sweeny. McNeil’s Bayou and Pelican Lake are just to the right of the barge. Note the muddy water from the current Brazos flooding that is moving into the Intersection from the East. Also note that the water from the Brazos in the ICW mostly turns to the Gulf and does not cross the San Bernard to continue toward Sargent in the Intracoastal Canal. And no, the mouth of the river has not been opened by this and the silt carried in the water will serve to further close the San Bernard's mouth.
Photo 2 – This photo was taken from above the intersection of the San Bernard River and the ICW, looking to the southwest. The Gulf of Mexico is at the top of the picture. The first and second Cedar Lakes are above center to the right. The San Bernard River is coming from under the plane’s wing. Again, note how the Brazos flood waters are moving from East to West (left to right) in the Intracoastal Canal. Please note the color change of the water coming down the San Bernard (that’s not a shadow in the picture). The Brazos floodwaters are turning at the San Bernard and are moving toward the Gulf of Mexico. So, during this flood, it looks like the mouth of the Bernard is being silted up from both directions.


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This series of pictures of the San Bernard River mouth and surrounding area were taken 3-14-15 by Albert Smith from approximately 5,000 feet. The San Bernard is enlarged by rains the previous week. A couple of things to note are : in the mouth picture, the water turning toward Sargent; in the ICW looking toward Sargent, the number of barges stacked up in the ICW; in the River’s End Community picture, the enlargement of the river (this area is called “the narrows” and is usually the narrowest part of the San Bernard going to the Gulf).

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2-28-2014: The Facts: San Bernard fix in the works

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