San Bernard River
Photos by A. Smith
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       Here’s what the Brazos flood waters are affecting area bodies of water taken by Bert Smith on June 19, 2016. The sand coming
out of the Brazos is keeping the San Bernard muddy and fresh. If you will note, the picture of the intersection of the San Bernard
and the ICW, flood waters are trying to exit through the closed mouth. Then, look at the mouth picture – looks like the San Bernard
is starting to cut a path to Sargent once again. The Brazos is spewing tons of sand miles out into the Guld. The Cut at Cedar Lakes is
sanded in and even Sargent is getting sand on its beaches. Thank you, Bert for documenting this historic flood


The opening from Cedar Lake # 4 into the Gulf of Mexico cut late 2015 by Brazos flood water backing up into the
Intracoastal Canal and the lower San Bernard had closed. See the attached picture taken by Brian Wilson 1-29-16.
the aerial Bert Smith took 11-19-15.

The attached pictures, taken by Bert Smith Thursday afternoon , November 19, 2015, is of the cut between the fourth Cedar Lake and the Gulf of Mexico. The cut basically follows the old Cedar Lake Creek channel, the Brazoria/Matagorda County line.

The mouth of the San Bernard is still closed.

In addition, there is also a picture of the Brazos showing the massive amounts of sand it is spewing into the Gulf which is travelling to the mouth of the San Bernard.

Everybody - Roy and I have been monitoring the mouth area of the San Bernard River for Texas Stream Team since late 2008 - before the mouth was open the first time, the dredging, the slow closing again and now the fight to reopen it. Our river and the latest pictures (thanks Bert Smith) have made their e-newsletter for December. Scroll down (RESSTORE Act to the Rescue?) and Check it out in the link.
Here is the link:

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This series of pictures of the San Bernard River mouth and surrounding area were taken 3-14-15 by Albert Smith from approximately 5,000 feet. The San Bernard is enlarged by rains the previous week. A couple of things to note are : in the mouth picture, the water turning toward Sargent; in the ICW looking toward Sargent, the number of barges stacked up in the ICW; in the River’s End Community picture, the enlargement of the river (this area is called “the narrows” and is usually the narrowest part of the San Bernard going to the Gulf).

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