San Bernard River
Photos by A. Smith
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San Bernard Site Visit
July 11, 2014 Harold Caudill and I (Roy Edwards) hosted a site visit to the closed mouth of the San Bernard River. The main purpose of the visit was to carry Tim Ousting of Aqua Strategies Inc. along with his two man crew to the site. Mr. Ousting and crew are in the process of modeling a new mouth opening for the San Bernard River Jetty Project. Also on the site visit were: Chris Salese of Dannenbaum Engineering (working on the San Bernard River Jetty Project), Susan Alford of Berg-Oliver Associates, Inc. (environmental work on the jetty project), and Ken and Linda Wright of F.O.R .
We left the F.M. 2918 boat ramp and boated toward the surf, pointing out landmarks that could be located later on my maps. We landed about a half mile of the surf and walked to the surf line. Oustings crew took pictures and asked questions. They also took elevation sightings. I found it interesting that the dune forming just back from the vegetation line averaged 3.78 feet above sea level during high tide.
After a couple of hours walking the area and asking and answering questions, taking multiple photos and water samples, we returned to Jan and my home at River’s End. Here we spent another hour and a half going over some of the information Jan and I have gathered over a ten year effort to re-open the mouth of the San Bernard River. Tim and crew were especially interested in the various existing studies as well as Bert Smith’s aerial photos as archived on .
Dannenbaum Engineering is under contract by the Brazoria County Commissioner’s Court to pursue grant monies resulting from the R.E.S.T.O.R.E. Act, dealing with the awarding of fines and penalties resulting from the British Petroleum Deep Water Horizon oil spill, seeking a permanent solution to the sanding shut of the San Bernard River Mouth.   

The 2 pictures below are of the San Bernard River mouth taken 5-30-14 by Bert Smith. The river at flood stage has not opened the river mouth. The sand you see on the beach sealing the mouth is about 4 feet above sea level. The plug is intact.
Below the 5-30-14 pictures of the San Bernard mouth are pictures (also taken by Bert Smith) on 5-18-14 for comparison.
Bert Smith also documented the high water with photos at locations on the river upstream of the mouth on 5-30-14. Click on Photos and then click on Flood_5_2014



Below are two pictures of different angles of the San Bernard River mouth taken 5-18-14.

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